Is The Porn BBB Better Than The Free Ones?

If you enjoy looking at porn movies, but are embarrassed by the things you see (and do not wish to be watching them in public), you may be interested in a new program that is sweeping the internet: PornBB. It has been generating a lot of buzz lately because of its free porn membership. How does it work? It’s really quite simple. There are several buttons located on the front page of the site that you can push when you want to view the latest updates. Once you’ve pushed the button, you’re immediately taken to a screen displaying a list of all of the latest free porn movies available on the net.

Simply browse through the list and you will notice a number of categories that have free porn movies listed. Categories include “big & Small”, “anal”,” Amateur”,” Lesbian”, “Porn”, “Toys”, and “Voyeur”. You can even search for specific fetishes, such as “anal goddess”, “big black busty women” or “rican American black women”. Good morning, sunshine!

The genius behind PornBB is that it actually makes the viewing of adult movies easy. Instead of going to a pornography oriented or adult dating site, you can go to a porn blog just like the one that Mr. Porn Geek runs. It’s a great idea because you don’t have to put up with ads and all sorts of garbage on your computer. You can also avoid all the popups that can ruin your day by going directly to the adult video website that you want.

One of the biggest benefits of going to a porn blog instead of a porn forum is that you can use PayPal. Sites like Mr. Porn Geek and others are notorious for not allowing PayPal. This means that you have to either pay to get your credit card approved or that you’re going to have to use someone else’s credit card to make a purchase. On a porn forum, nobody will care what you use and you can make purchases anonymously. Just another benefit of using a pornbb site instead of a porn forum.

The best feature of the free porn site that Mr. Porn Geek uses is the search bar. When you visit the site you can type in the name of an adult video you want and it will locate a list of them. You simply point and click on the ones you want to view. When you get to the search bar, you will notice that it has a drop down box. You can enter searches that you want to make a search and it will display ones matching that term. Searching using the “search by title” search option is the best way to find what you are looking for.

Overall, I believe that the best adult forum to be used is the one that has the most features. On the pornbb site, they have names, gurus, porn stars, sex guides, and a huge amount more. It’s more beneficial to use the one with all the newest content. If you can afford to use a porn bbb, then use the one that has the most features, like the mr. porn geek.